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NOTE! The adaptations on this website are NOT individually adaptations for ready made garments. They are general adaptations to a seated position and to create warmer garments.

Entrance page for outerwear

The area where we have encountered most problems is outerwear. We spent a copious amount of time trying to adapt mainly outdoor jackets without managing to find a good enough solution. Everything and anything we tested resulted in half baked solutions with extremely complicated instructions. We had to think outside the box. Instead we have focused on combination av bought or sewn garments and accessories to creating warmth and comfort. However, there are some adaptations that made the cut and they can be found here.

All our adaptations are done as simple as possible. Some adaptations fit some people and other adaptations do not. You will probably have to go through a process of trial and error to find the combination which is right for you.

Types of adaptations of outerwear available here


Generally, Fashion Freaks are not big fans of backless garments. Even if you will not necessarily notice the lack of bum cover there are reasons for it to be present – such as warmth and integrity. We have made an exception in the case of snow pants/overalls etc. as these generally are worn on top of other pants or leggings. Backless outerwear is also a time saver which means that the time you save putting on the garment can be spent on the outdoor activities instead. We feel this can be especially important for children in school or leisure activities as being part of any game from the start can be vital for participation. There is also a precedent for this type of garment in for example riding chaps.


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