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When you create or recreate a style of dress, sew or alter garments, more or less wildly combine accessories or just endlessly surf the internet for inspiration, it is only natural that you gain a little experience. It can be about things that actually work – or at least mostly do so. It can be useful tips or good examples. Really, it can be about almost anything.

FashionFreaks has been a part of our everyday life for many years now – maybe too many – so we decided that while we still have time during this project we will use this blog to document some of the things that have been buzzing and still buzzes around in our minds. That is why we call this a could-be-useful-someday blog.


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Photo gallery different styles of women’s raglan jacket

The same pattern can be used to create totally different sorts of jackets. The garments when ready will look completely different from each other. There is no risk anyone will think you dress in copies, which is worth knowing since some patterns will fit your body better than others. In this example we have used the pattern for a raglan jacket.

The jackets are sewn for a person sitting with hips and shoulders slightly forward in the wheelchair for better balance. Therefore, we have used the pattern for the curved back piece. The raglan jacket for women also has tucks along the shoulder line creating a more rounded top profile.

Formal black jacket in wool with lining of Thai silk.Above you can see the first version of the jacket. This is created for more formal occasions so we have used a very thick fabric, a wool blend. The jacket is lined using a black Thai silk fabric. The thick wool blend of the main fabric combined with the Thai silk of the lining make this jacket warm and windproof without making it unnecessary heavy and bulky. Continue reading

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Photo gallery with pants for young people

When we were in the process of testing and designing Fashion Freaks’ pattern for pants we got in contact with The National Association for Disabled Children and Adolescents, RBU. The Swedish organisation celebrated its 50th birthday and wanted a fashion show for its jubilee.

We sewed pants for three boys and one girl aged between 10 and 18 years old. Since they had some different wishes it became somewhat of an adventure for us. The pattern for the pants had to function but then …

Fashion photos of the boys and girl wearing the pants

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