Sewing a waistband (alternative 2) to a stretch skirt

Sewing instructions for stretch skirt:

Sewing a waistband


The width of the waistband is dependent on the width of elastic that you use. Several different widths are available but you would want a fairly wide elastic, starting at around 3 cm wide.Elastic in folded fabric

To get the width of the waistband you add the width of the elastic plus 1 cm seam allowance).
Measure widthThen you double that because the waistband is folded in the middle. So in this case, you have (3 cm + 1 cm) 4 cm x 2 = 8 cm.

Measure lengthThe length of the waistband should be the same measurement
as the waistline + 5 cm.

Press folds Once the waistband is cut out, you need to press it with a hot iron to crease the folds into it. You need to fold it in half, then fold in each end 2.5 cm (that is what the extra 5 cm you added onto the waist length is used for).
Fold and iron on the marked lines.


Cut and press the waistband according to the instructions. Pin the waistband to the outside of the skirt, making sure you pass one end of the waistband tube through the other so that the fabric is overlapped.

Pin waistband to outside of skirt Pass ends into each other

Attached to the skirt in small stitches.

Stitch on
Open up the space between the waistband ends and thread the elastic through.

Overlapping edges Open up edges Thread elastic
Join the elastic ends with a few rows of stitching, then close the waistband ends over each other again and stitch over the top.

Remember to have the join of the waistband at the back of the skirt.
Pull out elastic and join Thread elastic back in Close and stitch over

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