Sewing instructions for women’s suit style jacket

Sewing instructions for women’s suit style jacket:

Description of the content of the sewing instructions

These are the sewing instructions for the suit style jacket for men. It is relatively easy to sew. In general, it is longer in the back and shorter in front. It has a zip up front. The pattern includes lining and can be lined or left unlined.

Front and front facing pattern

You have some alternative designs to choose from among the pattern pieces. The jacket can be sewn with either a straight back piece or a piece with a slightly curved shape. Straight and curved back pieces

There are also two different sleeves to choose from: a normal straight sleeve and a curved sleeve, both with optional rib knitted wristband.Normal and curved sleeve pieces

The curved sleeve is made from two separate pieces while the normal sleeve is made from one.

High back collar piece Normal collar piece
The collar is available in two alternative designs, one with a straight overall width and another with a collar wider at the back. This creates a higher back to the collar and is primarily thought for a jacket with a curved back (following the curved line).

The collar piece with high back should be made in rib knit fabric. A collar in non-stretch jacket fabric does not allow the stretch for this solution.

Collar jacket fabric  piece
In the pattern pieces you also have a piece for wristband. This is if you opt for a jacket with wristbands in rib knit fabric. If you want a regular hem for the sleeves you will choose this when cutting the sleeve pattern. Wristband piece
Finally the pattern includes pieces for lining along the hem of the jacket. There is two back pieces of this to choose from. One fits a straight back and the other a jacket with a curved back.

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  1. vinay lad says:

    It is difficult for me to understand the attaching collar and under collar to the jacket for want of very hasty guidelines and the pictures presented can not satisfy me as there are no guiding marks ,numbers or letters to actually understand the tutorial.Hope you will improve upon this.

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