Sewing instructions for women’s pants on how to make pockets

Sewing instructions for women’s pants:

Adapting Pattern and Sew Pockets


The pattern does not include pockets, but if you wish to have them, it is not that difficult to change the pattern yourself. Here are the instructions for both making the pattern and sewing the pockets. For the ‘simple fly’ pants you attach the pockets BEFORE you join the side and inner leg seam, thus before you begin any work with the actual zipper and fly. For the ‘normal fly’ and ‘long fly’ pants you also need to sew and attach the pockets before you sew the side and inner legs seams, but it can be done BEFORE or AFTER you have attached the zip. You will also need some extra scrap fabric, something thin, like cotton.

Trace new pattern for your pants front and on that tracing mark where you want the pocket to be.Trace pocket line on front piece
This is where you want your pocket line to start on your pants. Then outline the pocket pieces making up the inside and backside of pocket.
Outlining the shape of the pocket on the front piece
This is the shape of the pattern pieces for the pockets, based on the
shape of the front piece of pants.

Now cut away the pocket section from the pants front (remember to add seam allowance to this edge as well when cutting). Also add seam allowance to the new pieces 1, 2 and 3 which make up the pockets.Front piece for pocket and pocket pieces 1, 2 and 3


Cut x 2 of everything. Cut piece 1 from the same fabric as the pants, and cut pieces 2 and 3 from your extra fabric. Cut pieces

Finish the edge of piece 1 by overlock or zigzag stitch . Then attach piece 1 to piece 3.
Attach piece 2 to front
With right sides facing, attach piece 2 to the pants front at the waist line.
Fold piece 2 to the inside and press the joined edge. Stitch on the outside to fix the pocket piece firmly.

Fold piece 2 in and stitch

Line up the inside pocket (piece 3 with piece 1 attached) with the pants front. Pin at the top, to hold in place. Stitch around pockets inside edge to close it. You should NOT attach it to front piece of pants.

You will have a pocket sewn together at the curved inside line. At the side seam the pocket is still open. You will close this when you sew the side seam.

5 Responses to Sewing instructions for women’s pants on how to make pockets

  1. Ulla Persdotter says:

    Jättebra beskrivning då jag hade problen med att inte veta var jag skulle placera fickskylten som det stod i mitt mönster. Tack

  2. Rebecca says:

    This was really helpful. Im making trousers at the moment and had no idea where to start. This was simple to follow and made it so much easier. Thanks 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    jag sydde ett par byxor till min dotter för några år sedan tack vare denna sida. Nu vill hon att jag ska sy igen.. Jag blev orolig att denna sida skulle vara borta nu men tack och lov finns den kvar! Ta aldrig bort den!

  4. Maggan Gustafsson says:

    Hej, på 80 – talet sydde jag byxor i bomull med tre dubbel resår i midjan. Ingen direkt passform, men så sköna. Tänkte sy dessa igen, men lite mönster vore nog inte helt fel, hjälp

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