Sewing and attaching sleeves to women’s raglan jacket

Sewing instructions for women’s raglan jacket:

Sewing and attaching sleeves

For the sleeve (when cut in 1 piece) fold it in half with right sides facing in and line up the curves. Sew the edge tapering stitches off the folded edge the same way you would sew a tuck. Finish edges and continue to next step

Sleeve cut in one piece
For the sleeve cut in two separate pieces, line up the pieces together, right sides facing in and sew the edge. finish the edges and continue to the next step.
Sleeve cut in two pieces

This is how the raglan sleeve jacket is layed-out and joined. Front, back and sleeve pieces layed-outJoin the front part of the sleeve to the front part of the jacket and the back part of the sleeve to the back of the jacket (right sides facing each other). As you see the sleeves also make up part of the neckline.
Press the seams open and finish the hems (over lock or zigzag stitch).
Sew sleeve and side seam

Sew the sleeve and side seams in one operation. Finish the seam allowances and press towards the back.

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