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NOTE! The adaptations on this website are NOT individually adaptations for ready made garments. They are general adaptations to a seated position. Please read the instructions under “IMPORTANT to read before adapting shirts/tops” first!

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The result of each adaptation depends on the shirt or top you are adapting and the quality of this. There are no standardised pattern pieces, as each pattern piece has to be derived from the shirt/top you are intending to adapt.  Measurements are offered as a guide. You  may be lucky enough to be successful on your first attempt, or it may take some trial an error to discover which adaptation fits you. You may also need to try different styles and sizes.

Curvature of the neck and spine can cause regular tops, shirts and jumpers/sweaters to sit badly, and be uncomfortable to wear. This teamed with the arm movements required for wheeling oneself can also add to garments sliding around and sitting badly, and leads to either bunching at the back of the neck, or the garment being pulled backwards leading to pull and tension on the front of the neck/throat.

We have come up with solutions that adapt shirts and tops to suit:

CURVED BACK –  The curved back mimics the curvature of the original FF jacket pattern pieces. This suits those with curvature or rounding of the lower and middle spine. The example is shown on a shirt, but can be used for most tops.

CURVED NECK – This is a small simple adaptation that brings the back of the T-shirt or top closer to a curved neck to help ease gaping. The example is shown on a woman’s top, but can be used for most looser neck T-shirts, and tops, both men and women’s.

HIGHER NECK –  This adaptation adds some length to the center back neck, again, to help with a curved or elongated necks. The example is shown on a shirt, but can be used for most tops, Sweaters etc.

HIGH & CURVED NECK – This adaptation is essentially a combination of the high and curved neck adaptations but tailored to show how to apply to garments that have a collar rather than a plain neck. Thus it is a little more complicated. This adaptation adds both length and curvature to the back of the neck, ideally so it almost hugs the neck.

The solutions are here presented as they are done in an existing type of shirt/top but can be used for any number of different types. They can be used singularly, or together as required. All adaptations are unisex.


3 Responses to Shirts/tops – adaptations

  1. Carol says:

    I would love to know how to fix a top for a no neck person. I am a dwarf with about one inch space for a neck. Every outfit I try to buy with either no collar or low collar rubs me wrong. I have to buy extra wide tops to get my big head in. Most little people have large head. I also have little or narrow shoulder, but a round large neck in circumference. I am always cutting the collar out and just look sloppy awful.

  2. Barbara Craig says:

    We are looking for a pattern to make our own adapted clothing. It is for my sister who has PSP. Where can I get this.

  3. Kate says:

    Looking for pattern to add to polo shirts to make them into onesies to hold shirts down.

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