Pattern pieces for men’s raglan jacket

Download and print the patterns to a raglan jacket for men (contain the following PDF files):

Description of jacket

This is the pattern for a leisure jacket of raglan type. In general, it is longer in back and shorter in front. It has a zip up front. Raglan sleeves are sewn into the back and front pieces of the pattern with seams running from side seams to collar. This creates noticeable more space for mobility over the shoulder area.

Below is a basic model of a raglan jacket viewed from front and back. Wristbands in rib knit fabric or regular cuffs are options. This jacket pattern does not include lining.

Basic model raglan jacket viewed from front

Basic model raglan jacket viewed from back
The raglan jacket can, just as the suit style jacket, be sewn with a curved back. Below is an example of a raglan jacket for men with normal collar and straight back looks as well as a raglan jacket for men with higher collar and curved back looks viewed from the side.
Raglan jacket for men straight back and normal collar, raglan jacket for men with high collar and curved back viewed from side
You can choose to sew the sleeves with or without wristbands. The collar can be sewn in rib knit fabric or the same fabric as the rest of the jacket, in normal model or with a higher back. A higher back can be useful together with a curved back. Below is an example of a basic collar in rib knit ,a rib knit collar with higher back and a collar in suit fabric with higher back.
Rib knit collar basic model and higher back, collar in suit fabric higher back

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5 Responses to Pattern pieces for men’s raglan jacket

  1. Vicki Eide says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this pattern! My friend asked me to copy a favorite jacket of his and I was not having much luck finding a raglan sleeve pattern. I was thinking I had to make one and then I found you! Everything looks very easy to read and I am looking forward to making the jacket!
    🙂 you just made my day!

  2. Tracy King says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I am happy that I can make my own jacket for myself and my kids now. I appreciate the time and the effort.

    • susanne says:

      Took a quick look around your blog. Great stuff. Love the quirky up-cycled garments. Re-use can make everything so much better and truly original.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the pattern layout. Its hard to find a men’s pattern for a raglan sleeve jacket or coat. Thanks for sharing!

    • susanne says:

      I absolutely love raglans. They have a beautiful fit and enables more movement. If you want a more stylish jacket check the sleeves of the women’s pattern for raglan jackets. They are curved over the shoulder by using a shoulder tuck.

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