Pattern pieces for women’s pants

Download and print the patterns to pants for women (contain the following PDF files):

Description of the pants pattern

This pants pattern is of medium difficulty to sew (due to the fact the pattern requires a zip to be inserted, and this can be tricky for people with little sewing skills). However, if you have a real stretchy fabric you might be able to sew pants without inserting zips. Remember, you have to get them over your hips when dressing.

The pants are lower in front, with a short zip up fly (you can sew this without a fly, as a straight seam). They are higher in back, with a curved backside. the seating position is created in a slightly different way from the skirt pattern. The angle of the mid-seams back and front is tilted slightly forward to turn the line of the legs into a seated shape. As in the skirt patterns this creates a need for tucks in the side seams.

The legs are straight and of medium width. They are easily altered (to be tapered, flared etc) They have a medium width waist band and do not include pockets or belt loops, although instructions on how to make these, as well as other tip are available.

The pants can be sewn without waistband. However, this will work best if you are sewing pants in stretch fabric and therefore do not intend to use a zip with fly or if you intend to sew zips in the side seam.

Pants without lining front and back

For pants with a fly-covered zip we recommend that you sew at least a narrow waistband to enable putting in a button or hook closing the fly. The waistband is the only thing different. The pants pattern is the same.

Pants with waistband front and back

The pants pattern without waistband is cut low over the hips. If you want a slightly higher waistline without using a waistband you will have to alter the pattern. Patterns for pants in a seated position can not be altered without moving the position of the tucks in the side seams. Below you will find pattern pages for a higher waistline. They have the same number as the pages in the original pattern and you simply exchange these.

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6 Responses to Pattern pieces for women’s pants

  1. Livonet says:

    Hello from this venezuelan girl who lives in Norway, excelent page, I was looking for a trouser pattern exactly as the one in this website, THANKS SO MUCHHHHHHHHH.!! I am not a professional sewer, but I like to dress up and sewing is my favourite hobbie.

  2. Karen says:

    My mom has Alzheimer’s and can no longer walk. She spends several hours each day in a wheelchair going to therapy and activities at her nursing home. I was thinking that I could adapt your pants pattern to have zippers on both sides to make it easier for her to be dressed and undressed and have her Depends changed. Do you think that would be comfortable for her? Do you have any other suggestions that might feel better to her? She was an accomplished seamstress in her day and quite the fashionista. She is still aware of many things, chiefly how her hair and clothes look! : ) I’d like to help her feel good about herself for as long as she is able. I’d appreciate any suggestions that might help me help her.

  3. ludvik says:

    Thank you, for the very useful and clear page. However, I’ve got a question regarding size. My daughter’s biggest hip measurement is 80cm. Is it possible to modify your smallest orange pattern to fit her size or I should look for a smaller pattern? Thanks

    • susanne says:

      I’m not 100% sure about this so cannot guarantee that it will work

      BUT … your daughter is approximately 1 size smaller than the pattern (not quite as there’s 8 cm difference in hip measurements between XS and S). I would make a test pattern drawing a smaller size on our pattern pieces using the difference between XS and S as a guideline. Instead of adding the difference to make a S size you will subtract it to make a XXS.

      You will have to make a sample garment out of some old sheet or something to test it but this is something we always recommend anyway – as it makes for better fit.

      Check out the adaptations of ready-made jeans and pants to. These you can do irrespective of size.


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