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In this part of the web site you will find basic patterns adapted to a seated position. You will also find instructions on how to adapt these pattern for a better individual fit.  You also get sewing instructions.

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You have full access to all Fashion Freaks’ patterns for personal use.

The patterns on this website are NOT individually adapted. They are general patterns adapted to a sitting down position. Please read the instructions under “IMPORTANT to read before using the patterns” first!

Description of the content of this part of the web site

We who use wheelchairs know how hard it is to find good looking and well fitted clothes. Skirts are too short at the back. Pants are too tight in the crotch. The jacket travels forward with every move until the shoulder pads form extra boobs. It is not funny!

And then there are the few selling adapted clothes. A couple of them actually have clothes that look okay – if the style fits you and you can afford them.

It is not as complicated as you think to sew yourself. And when you have your “own” pattern you can create any combination or variation you want. Fabric in different material, structure and colour totally change the look of a garment. Pockets, frills do the same. Skirts can be long or short, pants can become shorts and the jacket sleeves have wristbands.

With you “own” pattern you can ask a seamstress to sew that special garment for that special occasion – maybe a white two-piece suit for graduation. Or find the tailor who makes motorcycle clothes and order that leather jacket everyone will envy.

22 Responses to Patterns – jackets, pants and skirts

  1. Olusola abisola says:

    Nice site.please always send to me sewing a beginner

  2. toria famak says:

    This is really cool. Thanks a lot u r doing a good job.

  3. bamidele adenike says:

    what you are doing is great, please i will like you to send to me on how to cut a jacket

  4. This is really cool. Thanks a lot u r doing a good job.

  5. Glory Hanson says:

    I never knew I could find this on google. You really doing a good job here.

  6. susanne says:

    We are a small NGO without basic public funding. Fashion Freaks has at the moment received a project grant to find solutions on adaptation of ready made clothes and recycling of such. We do not have funding to employ staff to solve individual problems.


  7. Oyinkan Adeniyi says:

    What a lovely site, kindly update me on patterns for women’s jackets

  8. stephie wasney says:

    I need a pattern for a “coverup” for a wheelchair user. I have seen some that were like
    a cape, which would work. What do you have that is comparable.? SW.

  9. Anne Rosean says:

    Thank you for sharing these patterns! What a great resource for those looking for custom and cute clothing patterns.

  10. Cathy Young says:

    I am looking for ready made or patterns for pants for women who have spina bifida , are sitting for long hours in their wheelchairs , and have no feeling over their bottoms .
    We need stretch, natural breathable fabric , minimal seams ( definitely no back seam )
    And higher at the rear to allow good coverage of the buttocks , and to stop the pants riding down under the buttocks . And they need to be really cool to appeal to this 18 -30 year age group .
    Thanks Cathy

    • susanne says:

      Sorry for being missing in action . Now …

      I am a high quad myself so know a bit or two about bum issues. However, I have handled it by means of fancy cushions (gotten fancier as the years have gone by). I know this is not the option for everybody and also is costly so believe me we have discussed the issue of seams in pants. The problem is that there is no way of not having seams at all. We talked about trying to have a whole back piece and sew the leg pieces on lower down (as low down towards the thigh as possible). But as the leg pieces have to come up and join the top part (back) of the pants at crotch level this would mean seams in the area where you have the seat bones possibly causing pressure sores there. So we do not have a solution.

      I had this spaced out idea that we should check out the padding professional cyclists wear in their bike shorts and see if we could incorporate this in the pants as protection. But we will not have the possibility to test it out. Also, Meagan looked distinctly less impressed with the idea.

      Otherwise our patterns or adaptions will cover the rest of your needs. Being cool in the younger age groups though usually has to do with being same so the adaption of ready made pants will probably fill that brief better.

      Sorry for not having better solution /Susanne

  11. Robbie Brewington says:

    I think what you’re doing is really, really awsome! I use an electric chair much of the time and have been looking for ideas such as these. But what I’m really having trouble figuring out how to do is to actually cut out patterns from my chair. As I am able to stand for less and less time, I’m not able to spend the time on my feet to work with patterns and cut the fabric out. It’s very frustrating–I do enjoy sewing smaller items but am really a garment sewer. So you’ll understand how hard it is for me not to be able to cut out the patterns I so want to make. Do you have any ideas about how I can adapt my cuttiing table or what I can use?

    Thanks so much for your time, effort, and interest in sewing by and for the wheelchair user!


  12. Iris says:

    Love the patterns and Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 (Connemara Ireland )

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