Making your patterns work for you.

Pages to read before using  the patterns:

Examples on how to make the most of the patterns

If you are a confident and/or experienced sewer, there are many small changes you can make, that make a huge difference on the finished garment. All the patterns are so basic, that the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination. Look for inspiration in fashion magazines, look at different types of fabrics (you can make the same jacket in 2 very different fabrics for very different results) look at the size; do you want a tighter fitted jacket or pants, of something more flowing?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Rather than a normal zip up front jacket, try an anorak style jacket, which only zips from the chest to the neck. It is very easy to change the pattern (either the raglan sleeve or the normal sleeve).Anorak

See the picture for how to cut the pattern. How to cut front piece of patter to make an anorak

Try a hooded jacket or sweater, remember you can use the jacket pattern and make a sweater, in fleece or tracksuit (college) fabric, to make a hood, simply copy the hood shape from another jacket or sweater and attach instead of a collar, you will probably need to make the neck seam a little bigger to accommodate the hood.jacket with hood

Make short sleeved or long sleeved T-Shirts (in stretch fabric). This works best with the raglan sleeve jacket pattern. You can make both the sleeves and the body length as long or as short as you want,

Just take the pattern down to a smaller size (depending on how fitted you want the T-Shirt to be) and cut the front pattern piece on the fold, rather than as two separate pieces. T-shirt with long and short sleeve

Use different colours on the sleeves than the body for a funky change, and you will need to sew a band around the neck line, and stitch it in a stretchable stitch, like zigzag, so the shirt will stretch over your head.

Use fleece of tracksuit (college) fabric to make a sweater from the jacket patterns. You can use either the raglan sleeve or the normal sleeve patterns, just cut the front piece on the fold to create one piece rather the two.

Sweatshirt with half turtle neckYou can have a high neck or a normal neck, just make sure you sew the neck with a stretch stitch or place a zip in the shoulder seam (for the normal jacket pattern) or in one or the front raglan seems so that the opening is large enough to get your head through.

short funky jacket with short sleeves and clasp

Have fun with the jacket pattern, make it short and funky with short sleeves for a dressy summer jacket, dress it up with special buttons or ribbons or clasps, choose a fun fabric.

Use the pants pattern to make a comfortable pair of ¾ tracksuit pants, like yoga pants, find a soft stretchy fabric, or something and a little glam like a slinky fabric or stretch velvet (just remember that velvet can be hard to move in if you transfer from your chair to other places with a sliding board)

tracksuit pantsBeach pants with slits at side seams

Try some ¾ cargo, or beach pants in a nice summery cotton, put slits below the knees, and pockets where ever you want

ShortsTry a pair of shorts, from tiny hot pants, to a more covering length. Worried about your legs? Wear ¾ leggings underneath, or dress them up with funky stockings and shoes.

Ra-ra skirt viewed from front Ra-ra skirt side view

Use the skirt pattern to make a ra-ra or pleated skirt. Only change the front, the back remains the same. pleated skirt front view Pleated skirt side view

Make a layered skirt, with one fabric underneath, and a sheer or lacy fabric on top.

Layered skirt front view

To do this, make two separate skirts and join them at the waistband.

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