IMPORTANT to read before you start using the patterns

Pages to read before using  the patterns:

Important to read about the patterns

In the sections for the different patterns you will find both ready-made patterns and sewing instructions. You have full access to all Fashion Freaks’ patterns for personal use.

The patterns are available as pdf-files with pages in A4 size (210 x 297 mm). You will have to print the pages out and join them together to make a finished pattern.

Click here for instructions on how you print and put together our patterns.

In the pattern sheets there are markers for different sizes. To know which size to use you need to measure yourself and compare with the size sheets available. There is also instructions for how you make simple easy adaptations of the patterns.

Click here to go to size sheets

Click here for easy adaptations of patterns

When you need two fabric pieces of a pattern piece the easiest way to cut these are by placing the pattern paper on double fabric enabling you to cut both pieces at the same time. Remember to check so you have the fabric turned so you get fabric pieces with correct right side and wrong side.

Click here for instructions how to calculate the amount of fabric needed

Pieces cut x 2 are often positioned like mirror-images in the clothing. This means that if you choose to cut these pattern pieces on single fabric (maybe you are short of fabric and this is the only solution) you will have to turn the fabric over before cutting the second piece. Take a front piece to a jacket as example. The two pieces have to be placed like a mirror-image on the jacket. If you cannot fold the fabric (right side against right side) and cut both at once, you need to fold either the patttern or the fabric over before cutting the second piece.

We recommend that you read all the instructions before starting the cutting and sewing. We also strongly recommend your to sew a test garment (in cheap fabric) of the pattern you have chosen, to enable you to see how the pattern fits you.

Click here for instruction how to make a sample garment

If you are an experienced sewer or if you want to test other garment models you can adapt our basic patterns. Create your own individuel style by making the most of the patterns. You can also have a look at the tips for simple adaptations at the part of our web site dealing with adaptations in ready made clothes. Maybe you will find something to incorporate in your pattern.

Click here for examples of  what can be done using the patterns

Click here for examples of useful tips to incorporate in the patterns

7 Responses to IMPORTANT to read before you start using the patterns

  1. Noreen Greta Eads says:

    My friend is Down Syndrome. She is a young adult; she is NOT in a wheelchair.
    I’ m looking for patterns so that we can make her clothes that actually fit. Do you have suggestions and recommendations?
    Tusen tak.
    Noreen Greta Eads

  2. cpierce says:

    Do your patterns include seam allowances, or do I add my own? Thank you SO much for your work on this; I am helping a young friend in a wheelchair get ready to go off to university with nice pants that will fit!

    • susanne says:

      Sorry for being missing in action . Now …

      Under the page for sewing instructions for your chosen pattern is a subpage on how to cut out your pattern. This will provide the information on seam allowance etc.

  3. Ronda Sprouse says:

    Good morning. I normally make toddler clothing and today had a special request on my Etsy account. The item was a diaper cover for a toddler but this parent needed one for an adult special needs child who wears a diaper. Do you have any patterns for underwear or shorts? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

    • susanne says:

      No we haven’t done underwear but I don’t really see a problem here. The basic function of the thing is the same. The difference is mainly sizing and not cutesifying or making it child-like. As you say it is for an adult. Make one according to the adult size, make it neat, well-fitting and without the bleeding frills (never understod those anyway).

  4. Eva says:

    Here you can find tips about how to adopt underwear for persons using a wheelchair :
    (there are a lot of tips for other clothes adopted for persons with movement disabilities – there´s no button to choose language, but you can copy+paste into for example google translate)

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