Sewing an elastic waist (alternative 1) to a stretch skirt

Sewing instructions for stretch skirt:

Sewing elastic waistband

Decide the length of the elastic by measuring it comfortable around your waist. Remember to add seam allowance at the ends.

Join the ends of the elastic together so it forms a ring. Sew a couple of rows of stitching for extra strength.

Pin elastic to outside of skirt and sew about 1 cm down from the edge. You must stretch the fabric out so that both fabric and elastic are pulled flat while sewing

Pinning and sewing on elastic

Turn the elastic to the inside, bringing the centimeter of fabric with it.

Sew elastic to front side and fold under

Stitch over it again, pulling the fabric flat with the elastic.
Stitch over

Skirt waist will be gathered slightly when elastic is relaxed.Slightly gathered waist

4 Responses to Sewing an elastic waist (alternative 1) to a stretch skirt

  1. Angelica says:

    OMG, det här var precis det jag letade efter. Tack så jätte mycket för inlägget!! 🙂

  2. sara says:

    om man vill sy en resårband till en kjol på storlek 52
    hur manga cm ska klippa till medjan tack ?

  3. Lena Liljeqvist says:

    Hur fodrar jag en kjol i jersey??

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