How to cut out the pattern for men’s suit style jacket

Sewing instructions for men’s suit style jacket:

Cutting out the pattern

Once you have decided what type of jacket you want to make, and selected the required pieces, you must add seam allowance before cutting the patterns out of the fabric. You will need to add at least 1 cm to all edges, and 2,5-3 cm to the hems of the sleeves. You need to cut two pieces of all pattern pieces unless they are cut on the fold. You can choose to have a collar cut in the same fabric as the jacket or collar and optional wristband cut from rib-knit fabric.

Front and front facing with seam allowanceBack on the fold
You will need the following pieces: the front, the back (choose only one of the alternatives), the sleeve (either the normal cut from one piece or the curved cut from two pieces), the front, back and hem facings (be careful to select the right ones), the chosen collar and lastly the optional wristband. Make sure you cut the sleeve at the right length.
If you are not going to use the ribbed wristband, make sure to taper the seam allowance out on the hem of the sleeve.Normal sleeve

18 Responses to How to cut out the pattern for men’s suit style jacket

  1. jb says:

    please send lay out and sewing for size 53 thank you or I am beginning

    • susanne says:

      You have measurements and correspondent sizes under the heading “IMPORTANT to read before …”. Under this heading is also information on how to easily adapt patterns to inbetween sizes.

  2. victor says:

    i would like 2 learn how to cut and sew suit, and i know you can teach me better.

  3. chintan says:

    i m thankful to u that i got many information form your web site
    i know the cutting of men’s suit but i still want to improve it more so i hope help frm u that more information about cutting for men’s suit
    thank you

    • susanne says:

      Suits are hard to make in general. Depending on your body type and need for movement different pattern types will suit you. We have provided patterns for suits with both raglan and normal sleeves, with different backs and sleeves. We have no possibility to test or provide added information at this moment. If we get funding or time and can figure out how to make better information we will – but for now this is what we have.

  4. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Asallam o alaikum dear sir can you explain that how we cut a pakistani mens shalwar kameez

    • susanne says:

      We are not planning to develop any more patterns at this moment as the recent funding we’ve received is for adapting already made clothes. I have added the pants as something possible to test if we’ll have time and funding to look into new garment types, patterns and such in the future. I cannot promise that we will come back to them.

  5. OPARA CHARLES says:

    I having difficulty in learning how to cut. suit, can you teach me?

    • susanne says:

      These instructions are here to give you opportunity to educate yourself. If you need more instructions you will have to find someone where you live that can show you how to do it.

  6. Gilbert Carillo Perez says:

    How can we get famous brands patterns such as Massimo Duti, Zegna etc?

    • susanne says:

      Ask Massimo Duti, Zegna etc to adapt their patterns. Or maybe try to adapt a patterns such as Massimo Duti, Zegna etc yourself.
      We’re not retailers, we’re only provide basic patterns, sewing instructions, adaptations etc or free.

  7. pete klassen says:

    Haha these questions are hilarious. Love the way you’re handling them. Thanks for info can’t wait to tackle this!

    • susanne says:

      Dear Dick,
      I am sorry for not answering earlier but your comment got lost at the back of open source. As you appreciate my way of handling questions I will be pleased to answer and approve of yours. I like the print with the catheads by the way.

  8. Nimrod says:

    after sewing a suit the lapels do not relax when it is been put on. please what could be the fault? pls help me out thanks

  9. Stha says:

    May you please show me how to cut a collar

  10. john says:

    thanks teacher for your teaching , would you plz teach me how to cut a mens coat thanks.

  11. Isaac says:

    Can I use these patterns for a standing person?

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