Lining the hem for women’s raglan jacket (with facing)

Sewing instructions for women’s raglan jacket:

Lining the hem (facing)

You attach a narrow piece of facing along the bottom hem of the jacket to make a smooth and good-looking ending.Dark colour wrong side, grey colour right side of fabric
a) Join hem facing pieces together and over-lock the top edge. Join facing together
b) With right sides facing each other, join the facing to the jacket along the bottom edge. Join facing with jacket body
c) Fold the facing to the inside of the jacket and press edge well, sew up facing.
Fold facing and sew up


Sewing facing at zip
a) With right sides facing, sew the hem, facing to the jacket, making sure the seam allowance sits over the zip
a little.
b) Open up and fold seam allowance in, then fold hem facing up into the inside of the jacket.
c) Sew up the hem.

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