Jackets/pants – zips for quick dressing and undressing.

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Important to know about zips

Be careful to choose the best solution before you insert your zips. There are zips of different thicknesses and made in plastic as well as metal. The zip has to be tough enough for the planned use and at the same time not cause you discomfort.

Zips also have different openings. Sometimes a zip which can be divided is most useful. A zip that is possible to divide, inserted along the full length of the skirt makes it possible to simply split the skirt and leave it in the wheelchair as you transfer to some other place.

Twoway zips can also be handy if you need to split them from both ends.

Do not forget to figure out which way the zip top should face, so the zip actually will split the garment open way you planned.

Zips in jackets

One way of making it simpler to get in and out of jackets of anorak type is to sew in zips in the side and sleeve seams.Jacket with zip from sleeve to side seam

Depending on how wide opening you need you can use different length of zips.
Jacket with zip the whole length of side and sleeve seam
The simplest way to get into an anorak is by using a zip starting at the elbow of the sleeve, following this seam up to the armpit and there after the side seam down to the waistline. You can chose to insert a zip in one or both of the side seams. Jacket with zip in sid seam
You can also use shorter zipsJacket with zip the whole length of side seam and half length of sleeve
in the side seams or during a shorter length from sleeve to side seam covering only the area around the arm pit.

Zips in pants

In the same way, you can insert zips at the side seams of pants, either the whole way or from the knee up to the waistband.

Pants with zip whole length of leg seamPants with zip from waist to knee in side seam

NOTE!  Zips in the sides were a trial adaptation of ready made pants we felt was unsuccessful due to the nature of the garment (especially with jeans). If you require pants with zips in the side it is recommended that you make the pants from scratch.

You can of course try to adapt ready made pants and depending on how skilled/meticulous you are and the quality of the pants the results will vary. For instructions on how to sew in zips in seams read the instructions for zips in non stretch skirts. Putting in zips in pant seams are done the same way.

Click here to go directly to sewing instructions for zips in seams (non stretch skirts”.

Zips in skirts

Skirts can be parted using zips.

For examples of where to put these click here to go to the sewing instructions for this.

2 Responses to Jackets/pants – zips for quick dressing and undressing.

  1. Samuel says:

    Thank you this has been very helpful. My name is Samuel Felix, my daughter has been diagnosed Cerebral Palsy at birth. She is 10 years old now and getting heavier. So we needed a way to make her clothes more comfy.

    I also learned alot about Care and Personal Assistance, and because there is nothing wrong with her comprehension, she can make her own decisions and we can personally assist her.

    My wife and I are in the process of developing a Not for Profit organisation and hope to add value to people living with disability. We think by promoting there independence is the best way forward.

    Lots of Love all the way from South Africa! All the best in all your future plans. God be with you.

  2. Audrey says:

    I need to adapt a school uniform blazer for a wheel chair bound teen-age boy who has very little muscle tone. The main issue is dressing. Do you think the zipper in the side seam technique would be workable? We are trying to avoid the zipper in the back.
    BTW this site is fantastic. Very unique and helpful.

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