Sewing a waistband for a single zip non-stretch skirt

Sewing instructions for women’s non stretch skirt:

Sewing waistband – single zip


Waistband with zip and overlap

The waistband for this skirt is cut in the same way as for the stretch skirt. Rather than having the joining seam at the back, as for the stretch skirt, the non-stretch skirt‘s waistband meets at the front where the zip is, and overlaps itself so you can have a button hook or even Velcro for the join.

Cut the waistband the length of the waist + 8 cm long (the 8 cm includes 1 cm each end seam allowance + 6 cm overlap) and 8 cm wide (the 8 cm width is for an elastic which is 3 cm wide + 1 cm each end seam allowance).

Length of waist + 8 cmWidth of waist + 1 cm

Fold and press the ends as shown.
Fold double
Fold ends and press
Fold one side up 1 cm and press

If you have chosen to use stretch fabric for the middle panel at the back of skirt you will have to insert stretch material for this part in the waistband too.
Front with back stretch panelWaistband with stretch panel

This waistband is cut like the others, except for the piece of stretch fabric inserted into it to match the stretch panel. Measure carefully where to insert it so the waistband will fit both stretch join and have overlap at zip.

Back with stretch panelWaistband back with stretch panel

Fold and press ends.
Fold double
Fold ends 1 cm and press
Fold one side up 1 cm and press


Waistband with folded and unfolded side

Skirt with waistband attachedAttach the unfolded side edge to the top of the skirt, right sides of the fabric facing each other.

Check that the overlapping edges are placed so your preferred choice of button, hook or Velcro can be sewn on after the waistband is stitched in place.
Waistband on skirtIf you have chosen a stretch panel at back make sure the stretch part of the waistband is attached to the stretch part of the skirt. Stitch on.

Fold up the waistband and press seams up towards the waistband.

Fold up waistband and pressStitch togetherFold the waistband down on the inside of the skirt. The folded edge is pressed under making the waistband even on front and back sides of skirt. Stitch the edges together and put stitching around the bottom of waistband to secure it and make a flat join.

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  1. Rosalia says:

    thanks for the illustration!!

  2. Naina says:

    Illustrations helped a LOT! Must be a lot of work. Thanks!

  3. Amelia says:

    Just what I was looking for! I’m making a pencil skirt using one I own as a pattern. I know I’ve done this, but not doing it from a pattern this time I couldn’t remember the steps. Thanks for the great, easy to follow instructions, and illustrations.

  4. Loise Lane says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put this tuitorial together! I just finished my Christmas skirt and it really needs a waist band, thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Orija Keji says:

    Thanks so much. You’ve done a great job. Please how do I sew pocket into a four pieces skirt.

  6. Joy says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have an unfinished skirt I made using one of my skirts but don’t know how to insert a waistband,this is of great help. Say,can you show how to make provision for zips and back vents when making patterns for a Straight skirt? Thank you once again for this tutorial.

  7. Jo says:

    On the last step, do you sew in the right side of the fabric or the wrong side, or can you do either? When we sew on the back side there are a few spots that miss the other side of the waist band…

  8. Tack snälla för en utförlig och pedagogisk instruktion. Detta kommer hjälpa mig i mitt kollektionsarbete i skolan. TACK!

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