Sewing instructions for women’s pants

Sewing instructions for women’s pants:

Description of the content in the sewing instructions

This is the sewing instructions for the women’s pants. These are of medium difficulty to sew (due to the fact the pattern requires a zip to be inserted, and this can be tricky for people with little sewing skills).

The pants are lower in front. You can choose between two different types of flies: one simple and one more complicated design. The pants are higher in back, with a curved backside. The legs are straight and of medium width, which are easily altered (to be tapered, flared etc).  They have a medium width waist band and do not include pockets or belt loops.

Instructions on how to make pockets are also available.

Sewing instructions for pants with a more complicated longer zip is available under the men’s pants sections.

Front pieceBack piece

The pattern to the women’s pants includes front and back pieces.

Extra part 1and 2

If you have chosen to make pants with a complicated fly you are also going to use the patter pieces for extra parts 1 and 2.


There is also a pattern piece for the waistband.

12 Responses to Sewing instructions for women’s pants

  1. abdul wahid says:

    pant pattern sketch want

  2. Tuba Khan says:

    my waist is 35 and length is 43 could u plz guide me with well defined graph of ladies pent ( with and without zip) mentioning measurements. I am waiting for your positive response.

    Tuba Khan

  3. titilayo Akeredolu-Ale says:

    Very educative,how do I now fix the pocket

  4. Justina says:

    Am making a pair of pull-on dress pants. The front crotch area has too much material. How do I fix without decreasing the hip area? The back fits perfectly.

  5. Ellen says:

    Thank you so much for these patterns! I have a daughter in a wheelchair, and these patterns are such a gift!!!

    • susanne says:

      Sorry for being missing in action . Now …

      Thank you. Daughters in wheelchairs are a gift in themselves. I would say that though, being one myself 🙂

  6. Julius Akintayo says:

    what an educative instructions. Even now I can practice some pattern without any prior experience. Thanks for your ideas.

  7. Claudia Kelly says:

    I am looking for a pattern for an open back flapped women’s pants . trying to help someone who is paraplegic and has to self catheterize. Can you please help?

  8. Drew says:

    Is there a pattern for the pockets?

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