Pattern pieces for skirt in stretch fabric

Download and print the patterns to a stretch skirt (contains the following PDF files):

Description of the pattern

This is the pattern for a simple skirt without zips and with a back divided into two parts.

Below are drawings of a skirt without waistband. The front piece is cut lower and the back piece higher at the waistline. The curved seam in the middle of the back piece creates a crescent shaped butt area that fits a seated position.

Skirt without waistband front, back and sideways

A waistband lengthens both the front and back part of the skirt with the width of the waistband. This is the only difference in the patterns.

Skirt with waistband fron, back and sideways

The skirt pattern without waistband is cut rather low on the hips. if you want a slightly higher waistline without using a waistband you will have to alter the pattern. A skirt sewn in a seating position can not be altered without moving the tucks in the side seams of the back piece.There are pattern pages to alter the main pattern. they have the same page numbers as the pages of the original pattern and you simply exchange these for the alternative of a higher waistline.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks for the great information. I have managed to adapt a few items of clothing but I don’t suppose you would have ladies patterns for dresses or suits that work with wheelchair users? I’m trying to make my own.

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