Pants – band for keeping the legs from sliding up

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Elastic bands under feet

The legs of pants often get pulled up and stick around the calves when you are a wheelchair user. A simple solution to the problem is to sew elastic bands into the legs to keep them in place. Sew the endings of a wide elastic into the inside of the legs at the side seams. Approximately 10 centimetres up from the fold is suitable

Elastic forming a U-shaped hook from leg of pantsThe elastic now forms a U-shaped hooks which you can put under your feet before putting on shoes. The elastic will keep the legs of the pants in place without being visible.

You can, of course, choose to put the elastic under your shoes instead, if it feels uncomfortable under the feet. If you chose this solution you might have to use a slightly longer elastic. Before you cut and sew the elastic you will of course have to measure the length.Attaching elastic or button to side seamU-shaped hook sewn with button hole elastic

Instead of sewed in elastic you can chose to sew in flat buttons at the side seams, same height as above. Then you can use elastic with buttonholes.

Elastic with buttonholes can be bought at sewing stores with larger stock. You could also try a store for children’s clothing.

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