How to cut out the pattern for women’s suit style jacket

Sewing instructions for women’s pants contain the following:

Cutting the pattern

Once you have decided what type of jacket you want to make, and selected the required pieces, you must add seam allowance before cutting the patterns out of the fabric. You will need to add at least 1 cm to all edges, and 2,5-3 cm to the hems of the sleeves. You need to cut two pieces of all pattern pieces unless they are cut on the fold. You can choose to have a collar cut in the same fabric as the jacket or collar and optional wristband cut from rib-knit fabric. Front and front facing with seam allowance

You will need the following pieces: the front, the back (choose only one of the alternatives), the sleeve (either the normal cut from one piece or the curved cut from two pieces), the front, back and hem facings (be careful to select the right ones), the chosen collar and lastly the optional wristband.
Make sure you cut the sleeve at the right length. Back on the fold

If you are not going to use the ribbed wristband, make sure to taper the seam allowance out on the hem of the sleeve.Normal sleeve

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  1. Regina says:

    I don’t really understand the pattern

  2. mary david says:

    could you please simplify . thank you

  3. Tania says:

    How to do print this please

  4. Smitzz says:

    U hve any videos ….and what fabric and lining are used for jacket?

  5. Jopek Prints & Promotions says:

    Will like to know if you can cut pattern for us and payment will be made on request.

  6. Zerilda says:

    Is the thinner, outer line of these sketches, the seem allowance?
    can you please sketch a normal collar pattern.

  7. madine says:

    What kind of machine i used if i want too make
    Botton fly jeans

  8. Akash Rana says:

    Hi can you please show a pattern of corsets

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