Pants – chaps or cowboy pants for warmth

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Chaps or cowboy pants

It can be quite bulky and hard to put on and off outdoor clothing, particularly pants. At the same time, your legs will become really wet in bad weather if you are travelling in a seated position. And thin pants in winter time will turn your legs into ice cold logs.

A simple alternative is to sew cowboy pants or chaps as riders call them. This is “pants” consisting of legs ending in triangular shaped sides which connect with a belt.

Chaps viewed from behindThey look like this. They often have zips along the leg seams to make it easier to put on over thinner pants.

If you sew, focus on making them fasionable. Pants not covering the bum area can carry institutional vibes. Chaps viewed from front with open zip along leg
The easiest way is to buy them at stores for riding gear. They have a belt opening and closing at the front. You only need to put your legs in them, pull them up and buckle the belt.

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