Jackets – holding the jacket in place.

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Mitten holders

Mitten holdersYou can use them as they are or attach them to the sweater/jacket. Remove the clip from one end of the elastic. Measure to get the right length to the fixing point on the waistband. Attach the end without the clip with a few stitches. Now you can clip the jacket to the waistband of any pants or skirts you want to use.

Button and elastic

button and elasticIf you do not want to use a clip you can make a holder by sewing a flat button onto the waistband and attaching a loop of thin elastic inside the back piece of the jacket. This works the same way.

Elastic with button holes

If you can get hold of elastic with buttonholes you can sew flat buttons on the inside of the jackets and on waistbands and regulate how long the elastic should be by using different buttonholes. elastic with button holes
You find elastic with buttonholes in fabric stores with a wider assortment.
Also, try looking for it in shops specialised in children’s clothes and maternity clothes.

2 Responses to Jackets – holding the jacket in place.

  1. FRANCES WALSH says:

    to hold a jacket n place where can i buy the clip.


    • susanne says:

      Google mitten holder or mitten clips alternatively suspender clips and you’ll find places that sell them. You can get therm from market places like Amazon, Etsy or via Ebay but they will also be available from smaller sewing orientated handlers. You’ll just have to find one close to you or through the net.

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