Pattern pieces for men’s pants

Download and print the patterns to pants for men (contain the following PDF files):

Description of the pants

This pants pattern is of medium difficulty to sew (due to the fact the pattern requires a zip to be inserted, and this can be tricky for people with little sewing skills). However, if you have a real stretchy fabric you might be able to sew pants without inserting zips. Remember, you have to get them over your hips when dressing.

The pants are lower in front, with a short zip up fly (you can sew this without a fly, as a straight seam). They are higher in back, with a curved backside. the seating position is created in a slightly different way from the skirt pattern. The angle of the mid-seams back and front is tilted slightly forward to turn the line of the legs into a seated shape. As in the skirt patterns this creates a need for tucks in the side seams.

The legs are straight and of medium width. They are easily altered (to be tapered, flared etc) They have a medium width waist band and do not include pockets or belt loops, although instructions on how to make these, as well as other tip are available.

The pants can be sewn without waistband. However, this will work best if you are sewing pants in stretch fabric and therefore do not intend to use a zip with fly or if you intend to sew zips in the side seam.

Pants without lining front and back

For pants with a fly-covered zip we recommend that you sew at least a narrow waistband to enable putting in a button or hook closing the fly. The waistband is the only thing different. The pants pattern is the same.

Pants with waistband front and back

The pants pattern without waistband is cut low over the hips. If you want a slightly higher waistline without using a waistband you will have to alter the pattern. Patterns for pants in a seated position can not be altered without moving the position of the tucks in the side seams. You will find pattern pages for a higher waistline. They have the same number as the pages in the original pattern and you simply exchange these.

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11 Responses to Pattern pieces for men’s pants

  1. thorkild heiberg says:

    Why can’t I find the pdf downlod files?????
    pattern for men’s trousers?????

  2. Hasra says:


    Thank you for the patterns they are easy to make and much appreciated.

    I would like to know if you can assist in a mens formal shirt pattern – cant seem to find anywhere.

    Thank you

  3. Blondie says:

    Hej! Om jag vill sy byxor med normal midja men väldigt lågt skrev (drop crotch), hur bör jag gå till väga?

  4. Bridget Stahl says:

    I am looking for a pattern for men’s short pants with a ‘tear-away’ front. So my disabled husband can help himself in the bathroom. Sort of a gym short look, but with a lapped front closing with velcroe (Is what I imagine). Do you have such a pattern? Or ideas where I might find one?

  5. Gabriella says:

    Hej om man ska sy ¨kostymbyxor¨ kan man utgå från de här mönstret då? Samt om man ska ha större än xxl är de nått man ska tänka på då?

    • susanne says:

      Du kan sy vilken sorts byxor som helst gårn de här mönstren förutsatt att du vill ha byxor som är anpassade till en sittande ställning. Om du vill ha större byxor än XXL tror jag det beror på “var” du vill att de ska vara större. Du kan säkert pröva att öka våra mönster till större storlekar men sy då testplagg och ändra från så du fåpr ett individuellt anpassast mönster.
      Du kan också ändra ett par byxor som passar dig bra i “utsträckt” format. Titta under sidan “Anpassa färdigsydda kläder”. Där finns instruktioner om hur du anpassar byxor – inklusive kostymbyxor.

  6. Joe says:

    Never has been enough men’s patterns available in the 30 years I’ve been sewing. Especially pants. Forced into altering/making my own patterns due to lack of interest in the industry. Excited about tweaking and making these in a new light.

  7. ic says:

    your pattern is in s,m,l,xl. what is the size range? s=28in waist?
    what is l and xl?

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this! My brother is in a wheelchair and has trouble finding pants/shorts. Now that I have a resource on how to make alterations for him, I can give him a nice wardrobe.

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